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212 Bidadari Park Drive, #03-08
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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do your tutors possess?
  • All our tutors are highly qualified, with a bachelor’s degree or NIE- qualifications.  We strongly believe our passionate and committed tutors are tantamount in helping your child excel. There are many highly-qualified teachers, yet only a few are able to touch the heart of a child with their genuine passion for teaching and education.
  • Teachers at EduCompass Learning Centre undergo a stringent selection process. Apart from their qualifications, most importantly, they must have the true passion and commitment to teach, to motivate and to inspire.
What sort of group sizes do you conduct your tuition?
  • Many children have a fear of raising questions, and the large class size in schools deters them further. Here at EduCompass, we strongly advocate having group sizes of not more than 10 students. Not only does this facilitate a close-knitted relationship between the child and teacher, it also minimizes the awkwardness with regards to asking questions. A group of like-minded students learning together will help to motivate and encourage effective learning.
  • Our small group size helps to build strong rapport between the child and the teacher, thus minimizing the power distance and encouraging a child to open up and clarify doubts with their teacher.
My child struggles with homework. How can you help?
  • We understand that a very common problem faced by the child is encountering difficulties with their school homework. Hence, EduCompass offers FREE homework clinics to all our students whereby they may arrange with their tutor to come down to the centre on days where they have no tuition, for homework consultation.
What kind of curriculum do you offer? Is it compliant with MOE syllabus?
  • Our team of curriculum specialists consists of experienced tutors and NIE-trained teachers, ensuring that the materials utilized at the centre are constantly up-to-date in accordance with the MOE syllabus. Their vast experience in this field helps them to identify and incorporate appropriately challenging questions that serve as a beneficial source of practice for our students.
Will I get updated on my child's progress?
  • Seeking feedback on your child’s progress is only an SMS or phone call away! When in doubt, just SMS to find out more about your child. Furthermore, this service has also encouraged 2-way communication between the centre and the parent. Parents may engage with the centre to help their children improve on their results.
What is your learning approach?
  • We believe in maximizing your child’s potential. But in order to do so, we adopt a progressive learning approach. This helps your child build strong conceptual understanding of the subject/topic, which would subsequently enable them to embark on more challenging problems to tackle.